Videojournalism: Fusion and Richmond Pulse

As I grew as a journalist, my passions grew stronger. My editors saw the work that I was creating and tasked me with new and exciting opportunities to film. Below you will find video stories that I was both passionate about and that brought me a sense of urgency to put into video form.


Dirt World Grand Opening

The Dirt World bike park, which started as only an idea in 2015, now features a pump track, a BMX practice track and a jump garden. Open from sun-up to sun-down all year, Dirt World is the East Bay’s only BMX dirt park.

Hackathon for and by Undocumented Immigrants

Young undocumented immigrants, DACA recipients, and their allies came together in Los Angeles for a hackathon, with the goal of developing tools to protect and aid DACA recipients and other immigrant youth in the aftermath of the Trump Administration’s announcement that they plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in six months.

This Is How California Can Lead the Resistance

Matt Nelson, executive director of, spoke to Rise Up: Be Heard about the youth vote and why it matters more than ever in 2017.

Young People Must Defend Their Right to Vote

Rise Up: Be Heard interviewed California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who had a lot to say about the youth vote: why it matters, why it needs to be protected, and why some politicians are actively trying to repress it.

Young Voters #Election2016

At a recent youth-led City Council candidates forum Richmond Pulse asked local young people to discuss why or why they won’t vote in the upcoming election and the issues that matter to them most.

Into Action Social Justice Festival

“Into Action,” was a nine day social justice festival of art activism held in Los Angeles, CA